About us

It all started with missing Mom's food

We come from India and are students at TU - Darmstadt. Two years ago, we were new to Germany and missed our home food a lot. Although Darmstadt is full of Indian restaurants, we could not find the authentic taste. Many of the dishes were not even close to what they originally taste and look like. Eventually, it was frustrating to pay high price for the Indian Food that was not even Indian.

Friends motivated us  

We started cooking at our student dormitory and soon friends and neighbors started liking our food. We asked our MOM for new recipes daily and slowly we started getting orders from our friends. Not just they bought our food, but pushed us a lot to open our " Official Kitchen ". We started the business planning and contacting the authorities for necessary paper works. Soon, things started rolling for us.

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We finally found a place in Darmstadt - Eberstadt. It is a small IMBISS. But only the place is small and not our cuisine. We cook here 'The Authentic Indian Food'. Unlike other restaurants, we don't keep a "base curry" that is used to cook all the dishes in the menu. We prepare each dish from scratch and fresh as our Mom does.

Its more than a business, its our dream come true. So, the food here are more than just dishes, they have a little of our Mom's love.

Yaay, We are on the ECHO and P-Stadtkultur